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Date: 17/04/2024

Mood: annoyed

Kyo Graves

WARNING:mentions of hallucination's, spider's and unknown figure's

The hallucinations started again. I noticed on saturday night. It's sorta annoying and not scary anymore... On saturday i saw someone cimbing the ceiling like bro get off i'm tryna sleep. Then on monday when i went to my mom's i saw the large spider again, it doesn't scare me but it still manages to startle me and get me up from bed.

I've noticed that they only ever show up during the evening or night. It's not sleep paralysis i know that for sure because i can still move n stuff. I've only ever had "in the corner of my eye" type of hallucinations during the day. The exceptions of course are in crowds.

I've also recently had full on hallucinations of doing things, and when i mean recently i mean like during last year and the start of this year. It's pissing me off sometimes because it's starting to mess with my brain. I don't know what i've actually done and what i've hallucinated anymore

This sounds like some horror esc shit ik- I probably should make a horror project inspired by this hmmm...

Date: 09/04/2024

Mood: desperate

Kyo Graves

I want the Roier & Cellbit charms so bad oh lordy... Last year they were out of stock before i could buy em but now that theyre in stock i dont wanna spend all my money on them T_T

My babies aughhh, i need to be comissioned or smth gah

roier & cellbit charms<both & eggs charm

Date: 04/04/2024


Kyo Graves

Pissed off because of my classmate right now. He's always up in my little brothers business and telling EVERYONE at school about it. Last time i checked i was the older brother not him. Clearly can't keep himself from other peoplkes businesses. You're a 16 year old you have no business gossiping about a 13 year old or even hanging around him. Weird asf. He's really pissing me off because i used to think he was a pretty cool guy and even liked him since preschool. I don't want a weirdo hanging around my little brother or gossipping about him.

Rant end.

Date: 28/03/2024

Mood: tired

Kyo Graves

Guess who spent their night writing detailed info pages about their persona as a Brawl Stars character... Meeeee.... I'm pretty tired and hungry right now but gotta work through the pain, i only have math class left... Thankfully its lunch soon but i dont undestand anything the teacher is saying :") Oghay um i ate, we had beeeefff, potato salad and for dessert some yummy mango subtance (Totally not ominous at all...) My friend though it was pascha??? Which i'm offended about because i love pascha and he thinks store pascha is good!?!?!?!?? Anyhow had an epic video call with the homies and got a school tour from the pascha friend. I'm alot more energised now and life is nice again :thumbs up:


Date: 25/03/2024

Mood: jkklajfejsjf

Kyo Graves

I guess pokefarm is going through smth when you can feed the pokemons eggs... Love me some casual cannibalism

egg eater

Date: 23/03/2024

Mood: flabbergasted

Kyo Graves

uhhhhh.... my Mii had a kid..??

And they named it Leon... It looks like Leon Kennedy wtf...

Leon K. Kennedy as a baby Guh barents

(sorry for the dogwater quality in the photos)

Date: 22/03/2022

Mood: goopy

Kyo Graves

Helping my little brother write about Rock's history for his musics class yippee

(im totally gualified to help him)

maybe not-

Date: 10/03/2024

Mood: neutral

Kyo Graves

Today at Artschool we went to the museum close by and i saw a pretty table and matt made out of vintage tea sets

(I adore vintage tea sets if someone didnt know...)

Heres a photo from google because i didnt have time to take a photo:

art piece

Date: 06/03/2024

Mood: happy

Kyo Graves

wahoo got my bank card from the mail finally!! who wouldve thought it'd take so long